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Reasons NOT to Homeschool

There are quite a few lists of reasons for homeschooling. But if you are considering homeschooling, you should also be aware that there are some reasons why you should NOT homeschool as well. Here are four. 

***for those who are entering homeschooling because you feel there is no better option due to current circumstances, understand that I’m talking primarily about mindsets that can be worked on and changed! All kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds in all kinds of difficult circumstances have successfully homeschooled for years and years! You can too.

1. You do not like to spend time with your children.  
Seems like a no-brainer, right?  But if you don’t like being around your children, then homeschooling will be even more difficult for you and probably not good for them either.  Before you attempt homeschooling, consider your relationship with your children. Ask the Lord to turn your heart back to your family from wherever it has been drawn instead. Perhaps seek the help of a counselor. Spending time with your children should make you happy, even when it isn’t always fun! It should be a source of JOY.

2. You don’t want to change anything about your present lifestyle. 
This might not seem quite so obvious, but homeschooling is a huge change of lifestyle from what most people are used to.  It requires flexibility, sacrifice, and dedication. It requires time, finances, effort, and prayer.  If you are not willing to give it your all, then you should probably look at other options for educating your children.  However if you are willing to go all in, you will find there are great rewards to living a homeschool lifestyle.

3. You think you should homeschool because your friend, neighbor, sister, pastor is homeschooling. 
If you start homeschooling because you feel guilted into it or pressured into it because people around you are homeschooling, then you are going to struggle. It is not enough just to think it might be a good idea. You must believe in your own heart that this is the BEST choice for your family.  Do your research! There are so many books, articles, and blogs that will give you a better understanding of what homeschooling is and how it can be a huge blessing to your family. Embrace the challenge. View it as an opportunity to build closer relationships and go on an adventure of learning with your children. Your attitude and motivation will be crucial to your ability to face opposition that will come at some point – from extended family, media, the church, friends, strangers. There will be days when you doubt yourself and wonder what in the world you were thinking!  How will you respond? 

4. Your husband or wife is strongly opposed to the idea. 
You never want homeschooling to put a wedge into your relationship with your spouse.  Spend time researching, discussing pros and cons, visiting other homeschooling families. Pray for unity. A strong marriage is the foundation for a strong family and is vital for the success of your homeschool.  If you are a single parent, you are in a different situation, and I believe the Lord provides grace to compensate for the missing parent. 

Homeschooling is the easiest, most natural thing in the world. You have been your child’s teacher from birth; you can continue to learn right alongside your children throughout their childhood all the way into young adulthood.
Homeschooling is the hardest, most challenging thing you will ever do.  

No one knows and loves your child like you do, or wants more for their future.
No one can drive you crazy like your own child! He knows all the “buttons” to push and will challenge you and push the boundaries. 

Homeschooling provides a flexible schedule, which allows you to work lessons around other activities, take days off when you want to, do volunteer work, etc.
There are not enough hours in the day to fit in everything you and your child would like to do. Be very careful to guard your time at home and be mindful of how much activity your family can handle. Set priorities for this season in your life. Learn to say “No” for now to those things that do not line up with those priorities. 

We are blessed to live in a time and in an area with so many opportunities and resources available for homeschooling families.  There are support groups, classes, co-ops, sports teams, debate teams, choirs, bands, seminars, clubs, camps.  There are online classes and curriculums. There are companies selling every imaginable book, game, program, or tool you might want. 
All these things have a COST in money and time. A homeschool family’s budget gets stretched mighty thin.  There are always choices that have to be made.  Guard against DISCONTENTMENT with your financial situation.  The homeschool community is great at sharing resources, and homeschoolers are known for their creativity, cooperation and ingenuity when it comes to seeking out and creating affordable opportunities for their families. Really consider what your NEEDS are versus WANTS.  Trust that bigger and more isn’t always better.

For a list of 50 Reasons Why Homeschooled Kids Love Being Homeschooled, check out this post by Kris Bales  at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. 

Malachi 4:6 And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.”

Luke 1:17 …and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared.

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