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Grammie’s Mary Poppins Bag

I love Mary Poppins! Witty, wise, confident, adventurous, and undeniably magical, swooping in to set things right with her umbrella and carpetbag.

Seems to me that is just what a Grammie should be!

After my first grandchild was born, I dug out the box in the attic where I had stored away a few favorite toys from when my kids were little. I cleaned them and tucked a couple of them into a tote bag, along with one or two new things that I couldn’t helping ordering from Amazon, and brought the bag with me every time I went to visit. This was Grammie’s special bag, and my little Bear soon learned that the bag had fun things inside!

The old, stained, pink tote bag just wasn’t suitably magical, so I turned to Etsy and found a seller who made lovely carpetbags.

Carpetbags that Mary Poppins would approve of, I’m sure.

So now I have a proper carrier for the rotation of little toys and books that travel with me on my 20 minute journey to visit that practically perfect grandson of mine. I plan to always have a magical carpetbag full of treats for him and any future grandchildren to discover and enjoy with Grammie.

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